Before we get to how I created a 6 figure rental portfolio in 4 years, let’s first go through the dark side of real estate investing. Because it isn’t always roses and rainbows.

Let me tell you the story of...

How I LOST $38,651 on My First Rental

I first caught the real estate bug from my grandpa. He’d purchased a few Bay Area properties in the ‘50s when houses there were dirt cheap. (AKA before “Silicon Valley”.)

When rents skyrocketed, Grandpa Chaw instantly became a multi-millionaire. (An early-retired one too.)

What’s more, he was also able to easily pay for my college tuition. (Thank you Grandpa!) 

This taught me that real estate is really the BEST way to create “generational wealth.”

Too bad he passed before I could ask him how he did it. 😞

Fast forward to 2015 when I graduated as a new pharmacist ready to take on the world!

Through working long hours (and two jobs!), I was able to save enough $$$ to seal the deal on my first property in 2016. A $262,000 three bed, two bath single family home in my local college town. 

I figured that renting the property out per bed to college students would double my rental income. I wish it had been that easy.

How Everything Went Wrong…

Have you heard of Murphy’s law?

It says: “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.”

In 2016 I experienced this law in real-time.

First off, my house was over 100 years old! And I stupidly ignored a lot of red flags.

The house had these holes around the outside of the house where pests snuck in. So I ended up with constant rat and flea infestations. (Yuck!)

I also had to completely remodel the bathroom because the bathtub was a major trip hazard. (You may as well have stamped the words “sue me!” across my forehead)

It cost over $7,000 for the bathroom remodel.

I hadn’t planned on the project being that expensive!

But that’s not all... What really crushed my hopes and dreams for this house was when my sewage line broke.

You see, my “Pre-historic” house had these rusted over cast-iron sewage pipes. And roots were tearing into them.

I got a call from my tenant at 11pm on a weekend. “Bro... sewage just shot out the kitchen sink and flooded the kitchen floor.”

He also said, “It smells like sh*t.” Probably because it was...

Like a chicken with its head cut off, I was calling up professional cleaners at midnight asking if they can clean up the sh*t. Then found a plumber to look at the pipes. (Btw “emergency” plumbers charge “emergency” prices, so that increased my costs even more.)

The plumber found that the whole line needed replacing. 

Guess how much that would cost me?


To kick me when I was down, I had a vacancy for 8 months because I didn’t know how to advertise.

Another $5,200 in lost rental income...

Then I found out there was no AC in the house. 

This sucked because of the 100 degrees plus summers.

So I ended up installing a ductless AC system for over $18,000.

All in all, I lost $38,651 on that property.

Why am I telling you all my mistakes?

Because you should know what can and did happen when I didn’t have a system for spotting red flags on a deal.

After that disaster, I became OBSESSED with what makes a deal profitable or not.

These Well-Known Real Estate Investors Also Made The Same Mistakes

Did you know real estate investors Grant Cardone and Graham Stephan both lost a sh*t ton (pun intended) of money on their first real estate deals?

Graham Stephan bought a deal his tenant trashed. He ended up spending $138,000 on repairs and renovations, going $53,000 over budget. All told, it would take him several years before he recouped his costs with the rental income.

Grant Cardone had tenants who whined about everything. They then decided to move out without notice. The unit remained vacant for several months. When he finally sold the house after bleeding money, he barely broke even.

With even big name real estate investors losing money, what hope does a newbie have to profit on their first rental?


Here’s the thing. Grant Cardone, Graham Stephan and I had to learn hard lessons through trial and error. But guess what? These aren’t mistakes that everyone must make to be successful in real estate. It’s not like a rite of passage. You don’t have to waste a lot of your money through trial and error to figure out the real estate puzzle on your own.

You see... there are just 3 Principles you need to master if you want to make a deal profitable.

The 3 Principles You NEED To Nail Down To Guarantee Your First Rental’s Profitability

Principle #1 Take Action and Be Decisive

Maybe you’re like how I used to be – overwhelmed with all the real estate investing "noise" out on the internet and wondering what’s actually relevant for YOU? Which puts you in a state of analysis paralysis.

You may realize that you don’t know what you don’t know. And you’re afraid of making a wrong decision.

The key here is to take action despite these fears using proven strategies to massively boost your profit. Otherwise you just stay stuck in limbo.

But not just any action. Smart action, because you don’t want to end up making the same mistakes Grant, Graham, and I made.

Principle #2: Know What Makes A Great Deal 

Not all houses are created equal. You need to know how to find a great property for the right price. This requires knowing how to run the numbers on a deal.

It also requires knowing how to spot and avoid red flags on a deal.

Principle #3: Find High Quality Tenants Who Always Pay Their Rent

Imagine having to hire an expensive attorney to take somebody to court for eviction. And right before they move out, the tenant punches holes in your walls and dismantles your doors and cabinets. Then they expect YOU to pay for it. If you think this sounds oddly specific, well it’s because it happened to my colleague...

You absolutely need to find a great tenant. They can "make or break" your investment. (Angry tenants like breaking things. Literally...)

So… How can you get these 3 Principles right every time? 

The answer? 

With the right system.

Through trial and error, I developed a 6 Step System that now has helped me find four profitable deals and build a portfolio that generates $10,755 per month in rental income.

You can see how quickly my portfolio grew from less than $2000, to $10,755 per month by using the 6 Step System.

My strategies have been featured in BiggerPockets!

The 6 Step System I Used To Go From Less Than $2000 To $10,755 Per Month In Rental Income In Less Than 4 Years

Step 1: Develop The Real Estate Millionaire Mindset 

They say real estate investing is over 90% mindset. 

Having the right attitude when things go wrong or when dealing with people problems is key to becoming a successful real estate investor.

You need to figure out your personal “Big Why” that keeps you going when times are tough.

This step solves Fundamental #1: Taking action. With a clear end goal in mind, it is much easier to come to a decision and get unstuck.

Step 2: Create Your Superstar Real Estate Team

You need to build your dream team. This includes finding agents who know the local market and can find you great deals (some of which may be off-market).

You need lenders and mortgage brokers who can get you the best financing terms. No two lenders are created equal. (By finding yourself the right lender, you easily save $200-$300 every month in interest!)

And you need contractors who can perform great quality renovations while charging a reasonable price and providing great service.

This step helps with Principle #2: Know What Makes a Great Deal because you are getting access to more deal options and the best financing for the deals.

Step 3: Analyze the Deal

You need to find the right neighborhood to invest in within your driving distance range.

To avoid the same mistakes I made on my first rental, you need to have a red flags checklist with items that need to be addressed before you buy.

You need to know the math. Personally I use a powerful deal analysis calculator that tells me if a deal is a “go” or a “no-go”

This step helps with Principle #2 because it is about mastering your numbers.

Step 4: Make Smart Renovations

There are so many ways to cut unnecessary costs during renovation. One is to pay the contractor at the end so that the work gets done quickly. When you pay them too much upfront, there’s no incentive for them to focus on your project vs the many others they have going on.

Have them separate out the cost of materials and cost of labor when they give you an estimate. So you know if you’re being overcharged for labor.

Renovation costs can make a deal profitable or not worth it. Mastering this step is key to following Principle #2.

Step 5: Market for High Quality Tenants

You must find out where your target market likes to hang. And that’s where you advertise.

Otherwise you’re just fishing in an empty pond. I learned this the hard way when I put a “for rent” sign on the lawn and didn’t get any qualified tenants contacting me.

This step is essential to mastering Principle #3: Find High Quality Tenants Who Always Pay Their Rent.

In just one month I had over 20 potential tenants contacting me

to rent a bedroom

I had to turn away so many potential tenants because of

the high demand I created!

Step 6: Create a Hands-Off Management System

You can follow my “hands-off” style of self-management by giving specific responsibilities to your tenants and empowering them to solve problems when they come up.

You can also build a team of contractors that you or your tenants can text message when something breaks down.

Do you see how this allows you to save so much time and make this work while you’re still working a busy full-time job?

This step actually trains them to be higher quality tenants which is important for mastering Principle #3.

This 6 Step System is the “recipe” I created that made me consistent profit in real estate.

It has allowed me to profit on every rental I buy starting Year 1.

What if having this proven recipe eliminated most or all of these risks you were so worried about?

You’d have that consistent stream of passive income to put your children through college or support your parents.

You wouldn’t have to worry about tenant complaints or toilet trouble calls at midnight because you had a standard protocol that takes care of it.

Finally, you are able to focus on other things that matter in life and make a larger impact on the world than just working a 9 to 5 job. (Or trying to manage your rentals 24/7...)

The key to achieving all this and avoiding the common mistakes most newbie real estate investors make is having that proven recipe that walks you step by step from finding a great deal to moving in high quality tenants and managing them effectively.

What My Life Looks Like After I Created My 6 Figure Portfolio Using The 6 Step System

Hi. I’m Ryan Chaw.

After 4 years of testing and perfecting my real estate investing strategy, I finally came up with a proven 6 Step System for consistently doubling the typical rental income on single family homes.

I’m even surprised about how far I’ve come from just repeating these same 6 Steps over and over and getting better and better results year after year.

What's more is that I ONLY need 4 Houses to make a 6 Figures rental income. NOT hundreds of deals. Only 4!!

You get the best of both worlds:

This system is highly profitable, low maintenance, and low risk compared to investors who need to purchase 15-20 deals to make a 6 figure rental income.

Think about it...

Buying 15-20 deals, means 15-20 roofs, 15-20 water heaters, and 15-20 HVAC units that eventually need replacing. I call that 15-20 headaches!

Why not just deal with 3 or 4?

Today I’m making $10,755 in passive income per month and I’m only 28 years old. This rental income would allow me to permanently retire at the age of 31!

Not only that, but the system also allowed me to:

Travel the world: I’ve been to Taiwan, Japan, China, Mexico, Canada, The Bahamas, The Caribbean, London, France, and Germany 

Have the cash flow from the rental income cover my credit card expenses completely

Spend less time "working for The Man." (Screw that “live-in-a-box” cubicle life!)

Focus on other areas in life such as teaching this amazing system to people like you!

Treat my girlfriend to regular date nights and splurge on nice meals and vacations

Allow me to have more time to pursue other ventures I always wanted to pursue since I was just a kid. I remember as a kid I always wanted to figure out how to cure allergies (I’m seriously allergic to peanuts...) or visit the moon!

Allow me to send my future children to any college, including the best-in-class, but super expensive Ivy League colleges

Never have to worry about a recession or work drama or “downsizing” causing me to lose me job (That’s called true “peace of mind”)

Get tons of referrals and appreciation letters from my tenants

Provide affordable housing for tenants without having to worry about not making profit for myself

Help Client H negotiate a $23,000 discount on a property

Help Client B buy a duplex to live in it for free while his tenants pay down the mortgage

Create a community of 400+ real estate investors

There Are Also Hidden Benefits To Using The System

Real estate done right also forces you to grow as a person and gives you flexibility with your time.

You can use that extra time to give back to the community. Because as an employee how can you give back to the community or donate money to worthy causes if you don’t have $$$ to give or you’re trapped working a full-time job till you retire in your 60s? Or even worse - you’re trapped working for your tenants!

Why Being Average Is The Best Place To Start

I wasn’t special. I wasn’t given a million dollar loan from my father like “the Donald.”

I was just a normal guy.

I had to use all my own hard earned money from my W2 job when I got started in real estate.

I didn't even know where to start.

I would see these guys online doing hundreds of deals. But there was no step-by-step layout of how they did it. And I was left wondering, "How does this even apply to me?"

I didn’t have a network.

Instead I had me, myself, and I.

I had to slowly build connections with real estate agents, mortgage lenders, contractors, and accountants.

I didn’t have much time.

I invested in real estate while working my full-time pharmacist job including a lot of overtime. Yet I was able to still self-manage the rentals because of the systems I had in place.

I didn’t have much experience with managing people, whether it be tenants or a property manager.

And I still don’t have to manage them because my systems do that for me.

I didn’t have much faith that I would make profit after the mistakes I made.

As I perfected my systems and got consistent highly profitable results, I got to a point where I finally didn’t fear losing my hard earned money anymore. In fact I wanted to invest more money because I KNEW every dollar I invested would give me a 20-30% return at a minimum. (This is assuming the property doesn’t even go up in value!)

The Faster Way To Profits

You don't need to lose over $30,000 like I did because you can use my system. This system has worked for so many others. And that is exactly why I chose to create this course!

Here are some clients who have used my system to shortcut the school of hard knocks what they had to say about it:

Meet Rickey

Rickey lives in the expensive market of Southern California and was struggling to figure out how to make cash flow.

He was worried about not getting tenants or getting tenants that don't pay their rent.

Rickey got his 4 bedroom house fully rented out within a few weeks of purchasing it!

Meet Brannon

Brannon was afraid to get started since Covid-19 just hit the economy

He had many questions:

Where to find trustworthy contractors and real estate agents

How much to charge for rent

How to advertise and find high quality tenants

What to include in a lease

Brannon is now the proud owner of a duplex he got for $7500 under asking price

The extra bedroom that he added makes another $850 rental income per month

He found a reliable contractor who put in the extra bedroom in under 2 weeks and saved $1600 compared to other contractors

Brannon and his girlfriend are living in the duplex for free because the other tenants are paying down the mortgage

And for just one of the units, he is raking in $2800 per month!

It Is Possible For An Average Person To Go From Zero To Building A 6 Figure Rental Portfolio. And It Isn’t Complicated...

You really could be just one course away from becoming a strategic, confident and highly profitable real estate investor.

This course could be the difference between

Losing massive amounts of cash, getting constantly called at midnight to fix toilets, and having tenants who don’t pay their rent


Having a 6 figure plus rental portfolio that consistently makes profit while you sleep.

My Rental Account During Covid-19

Introducing Your First Rental

This is a step-by-step, hybrid course/coaching program (with real-time feedback from yours truly) that will take you from being stuck in analysis paralysis to being profitable on your first deal in the first couple months and give you everything you need to avoid the common traps newbie investors run into that cost tens of thousands of dollars. 

By the end of this course you’ll have your first rental property fully occupied with tenants and have that stream of consistent passive income.

Here’s the step-by-step map I give you to go from newbie investor unsure where to start to profitable investor with a consistent stream of passive income:

I.   Seeing Your Future In A Crystal Ball

You will figure out your “financial freedom number” and create a clear roadmap for fully retiring early through real estate.

Your strong vision for the future will pull you towards your goals like a magnet. You will develop clarity on what it actually will take to achieve financial independence. Included are some super-powered calculators that get very specific on the exact numbers you need to know to reach early retirement.

This module also goes through the huge variety of financing options available to you. Have you heard of “seller financing” or “low/no doc loans?” We explore all these options in extreme detail.

II.    Expert Deal Analysis

You’ll learn how to run the numbers on any deal in your local market to spot those “diamond in the rough” deals.

This module will show you how to identify which neighborhoods to invest in to create the most profit with these strategies. And yes! You can do all of this at home from your own computer! You don’t have to go door-knocking or cold-calling.

We go over how to tell if a deal will actually make you massively profitable or is garbage pretending to be a gem.

This module also includes finding which specific college town you should invest in. *Powerful Deal Analysis Calculator included.

III.    How to Win Friends and Buy Real Estate

This module will walk you through how to leverage your existing network to get the best financing.

If you think you have tried all of the options out there, this module will show you otherwise! Have you heard of a “portfolio lender?” This module will do a deep dive into portfolio lending and in what circumstances you can use it to finance your first rental.

If you have trouble getting your significant other, family, or those close to you to believe and invest in your vision, this module is for you. (I remember when I would get tired of my friends telling me that real estate is “too risky” or “not worth managing.”)

You will learn how to also expand your network so you have access to the best deals.

IV.    Solving the Profit Equation

This module will teach you the many opportunities to maximize your profits during the negotiation and renovation phases.

You will have access to my personal Red Flags Checklist where you can easily identify the common deal breakers you should be looking out for.

You will also get comfortable with all the real estate lingo that people throw at you. And you will learn a strategy called “preventative maintenance” for the little things you can do to save you tens of thousands of dollars in the long run.

Included are what exactly you should be looking for on the home inspections and how to negotiate brilliantly to have the seller pay for the repairs.

V.    Finding High Quality Tenants

The Achilles’ heel of real estate investing is finding a great tenant.

This is a very tactical module that goes through the “PRIME method” I use to guarantee yourself tenants that always pay rent and never give you hassle.

You’ll learn how to deal with price objections and how to make prospective tenants literally compete with each other to rent out one of your prized bedrooms. There are specific techniques and phrases you will learn to use to manufacture a high demand for your bedrooms.

At the end of this module, you’ll truly have an automated system that reliably produces high quality tenants each and every year. (and to infinity!) 


When You Sign Up Today, You’ll Get These Free Bonuses Worth $2191 Total Value

Exclusive Students Only Facebook Group ($497 Value)

My Facebook group will give you the opportunity to connect with real estate investors just like you. This is a very active, engaged community, where we go through how to avoid the common mistakes that come up for newbie investors.

I’ll personally answer as many questions as possible in this group.

How To Get To Financial Freedom Faster ($97 Value)

We discuss other powerful forms of investing and 5 specific strategies for you to implement to knock years off your time between buying each property.

Warning, some of these methods are highly controversial, but we go through why they may be the best option for you as a real estate investor.

Tax-Free Real Estate Investing – Q&A with An Expert Accountant ($200 Value) 

We talk about what deductions you should be taking on all your rentals.

We go in-depth on different strategies to use to save money on taxes using real estate as a vehicle. The accountant also goes through super important topics including:

  • How to reduce your risk of flagging an IRS audit
  • When to create an LLC or an S Corp
  • How you can defer paying taxes forever using a 1031 exchange and good estate planning

Enroll in Your First Rental and Get Instant Access to:

    Video Trainings, Implementation Guides, Scripts, Deal Analysis Calculators, and Roadmaps

    Transcripts of The Trainings

    Bonus 1: Exclusive Students Only Facebook Group ($497 Value)

    Bonus 2: Tax-Free Real Estate Investing – Q&A with An Expert Accountant ($200 Value)

    Bonus 3: Livestream Coaching Calls With Ryan ($1500)

    Bonus 4: How To Get To Financial Freedom Faster ($97) 

This is an investment in yourself. The skills and mindset you develop throughout this course will be with you the rest of your life.

If you could save $3000 on a repair cost by going through this hybrid course/coaching program, you would pay for the course 6X over.

Also Get Instant Access To Actual Scripts I Use, Roadmaps, Analysis Calculators, Ad Examples, and Much More!

This course is closed for enrollment.

Here’s How Your First Rental Is Unlike Any Other Program

We Focus on Tangible Actions You Can Take

This program is results-focused, not just here to give you information

Other programs out there just overload you with information but don’t teach you how to apply them.

This program is also fully-updated using techniques that work TODAY, not outdated methodologies

This program is for passive real estate investors.

This is for people who don’t necessarily have a lot of time to commit to real estate investing. This is where I came from since I had a full time pharmacist job as I was building my 6 figure rental portfolio.

Frankly it’s not necessary to have to talk to a large number of people, cold call for weeks, and spend hours looking for a great deal. (Who wants to make real estate investing a full time 2nd job anyways?)

This Program comes with massive support and accountability

You can get real time feedback in our private Facebook Student Community

I’ll answer as many questions as I can and typically will respond within 48 hours.


Why You Might Still Be On The Fence About Enrolling in Your First Rental:

“I’m not sure if this is possible in my local market.”

I live in California, one of the most expensive housing markets out there. Yet I was still able to build a 6 figures in rental income in 4 years using my own W2 income. If it is possible for me in California, it’s possible for you wherever you live. There’s truly an opportunity in every state in the US. My past students were from New York and California.

“I’m not sure if I have enough money to get started in real estate investing.”

If you can put 3.5% down, then you have enough money. This course is designed to get you all ready to invest in real estate, so when it comes to the time to pull the trigger, you’re ready to go. You also get lifetime access to the course and Facebook Community so you can always come back to the course at your own pace.

“I’m not sure if I can get financing.”

There are so many financing options out there. I guarantee there are financing options mentioned in this course you have not yet tried.

To be straight with you, the methods work.

The key is to take action, which this course will push you to do.

“I’m scared to get started and afraid of losing my hard-earned money. I just don’t feel ready.”

If you follow this course you’ll learn how to guarantee you will make a huge ROI before you even finish purchasing your first rental.

Here’s the thing, you’ll never truly feel ready. This course will give you the push you need to get started and invest in real estate strategically. And remember, I’ll be here with you every step of the way.

“I don’t have any connections.”

Nobody really starts off in real estate with a team behind their back already. I definitely didn’t. I started with Zero support. So not having any connections is completely normal and is pretty much where everyone starts.

This course gives you specific scripts you can use to grow your connections and build your core team necessary to be successful in real estate.

Guarantee #1

This will work for you even if you don’t have much time.

Personally when I’m not working as a pharmacist, I like to spend a lot of my time traveling the world and with family. I invested in real estate SO THAT I can live this type of lifestyle. This course is designed for the passive investor who has other life obligations such as a W2 job and wants to invest in real estate on the side.

Guarantee #2

This will work for you even if investing real estate is “intimidating” to you

Learning or doing anything new is intimidating at first. Remember when you drove your first car or went out on your first date? That intimidation isn’t going to go away. But what if you had a car instructor who taught you the rules of the road or a “wingman” who showed you the ropes on dating life? 

This course is here to make sure you don’t crash. (No pun intended…) It is specifically designed to help you avoid the common costly mistakes most newbie investors make.

Guarantee #3

30 Day Money Back Guarantee If You Do the Work

Let’s say you put in a strong effort and for some reason aren’t seeing the results. Then you can contact us for a full refund provided that you can demonstrate that you have taken all the steps recommended in this course. Let me be clear. This isn’t a course for somebody who just wants to “try it out” and then ask for a refund. This is a course for people who are serious and committed to solving the real estate puzzle for themselves. Success requires action. Because how do you expect to build a highly profitable portfolio sitting on the couch watching Netflix? Therefore for a full refund, you will be required to show that you did all the work listed in the Terms and Conditions here.

Now’s the Time To Make A Decision

Don’t let fear and intimidation hold you back. You never know what will happen until you try.

You could be just one course away from your first profitable rental. And soon you can have your very own 6 figure portfolio.

How To Get An All Expenses Paid Vacation

Imagine traveling the world three or four times a year having your passive income pay for your vacations. Maybe you use the new time freedom to spend more hours with your family.

Using one of my strategies in the course, I increased my rent in one bedroom by $270 per month, which is $3240 per year. This pretty much covered my whole trip to Japan. 

Hear from Chetan What It's Like To Be Mentored by Me!

Chetan now has two rentals that collectively make $2300/month in cash flow.

Hear from Brannon What It's Like To Be Mentored by Me!

Brannon now has a duplex that makes $2800 in one unit while he lives in the other unit with his girlfriend for free. Brannon then went on to buy a 2nd rental that's cash flowing over $1000 per month.

Hear from Praveen What It's Like To Be Mentored by Me!

Praveen now has a single family home that makes $4,200 rental income and over $1,000 in cash flow

Hear from Wahyu What It's Like To Be Mentored by Me!

Brannon now has a duplex that makes $2800 in one unit while he lives in the other unit with his girlfriend for free.

Hear from Parin What It's Like To Be Mentored by Me!

Parin lives in the SF Bay Area in California and invested out-of-state. He bought a property in North Carolina that cash flows $1,500 after all expenses

Here's a preview of the cost-efficient renovations we'll perform

Enroll in Your First Rental To Get Instant Access To:

     Video Trainings, Implementation Guides, Scripts, Deal Analysis Calculators, and Roadmaps

     Transcripts of The Trainings

     Bonus 1: Exclusive Students Only Facebook Group ($497 Value)

     Bonus 2: Livestream Group Coaching Calls With Ryan ($1500)

     Bonus 3: Accountant Interview on How To Write Off Taxes Through Real Estate Investing - Guest Nethanel Pokorny ($200 Value)

     Bonus 4: How To Get To Financial Freedom Faster ($97)

Join Your First Rental Now!

Herman M.

"After using the negotiation strategy we talked about, seller just accepted $23,000 below asking price!"

Ricky S.

"I'm cash-flowing $583 per month and best of all... I'm living there for free!"

Brannon W.

"Ryan will push you out of your comfort zone to get you to think outside of the box. I recommend Ryan for anybody just wanting to take that first step into real estate!"

Personal Note From Ryan

I know it can be scary investing in yourself. Not to mention how scary it is to buy your first rental. I was there too. Exactly where you are at now. But I believed in myself and what was possible for me. I believed in a brighter future, where passive income covered all of my expenses bringing me to “financial freedom.” I needed to make it happen.

When I got started I had a huge disadvantage. I was on my own, so I ended up losing a lot of money, $38,651 to be exact. You don’t have to make the same mistakes I made or lose the money I had lost in real estate. There is a much easier way to invest in real estate.

I spent the last 5 years perfecting and optimizing my real estate investing system so that I could teach it to others. In fact during these 5 years, I was OBSESSED with what makes a real estate investment profitable.

This formula allows me to consistently make profit on whatever rental I purchase.

There will be so much to learn and implement. The key is taking action to get the results.

I’m also super excited for you because this truly will be one of the biggest journeys you will probably take on. And this journey will likely continue on through the rest of your life.

I hope to see you in class. And good luck. Though true real estate investors make their own luck. 😉

Join Your First Rental Now!